3 months old baby

Question: Tdy i went to hosp after 80 days of my c sec.doctor using gloves pv check panitu thread kaila sikkala.then by scaner im abdomen she checked.finaly said copper t in correct position n gave tblts.if bleeding continues come on tuesday nu.pain irukum nu soldrangley.adigama irukuma?yepdi remove panvanga kaila thread kedaikada podhu?

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Answer: Vendanga. Ninge onnu panna vandanga. Infection ayuru. Ungale problem iruka, doctor sollittu re move pannanga.
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    MRithi689 days ago

    Remove pana yedum pain irukaadula.side effects yedna varuna

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    MRithi685 days ago

    I went to hosp mam.she removed.tq mam

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