29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: TSH level 4.6 in 3rd semester. What does it shows

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Answer: It is higher than normal range you should discuss with your gynac and start taking medicine to regulate it , as it is not good to have higher tsh level during pregnancy. Take care
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Question: My TSH level is 6.7 in 3rd month? Is it harmful or not for my baby
Answer: Hi as the thyroid levels are higher you may need to take medicine. And maintain diet properly and drink plenty of water stay hydrated and avoid cabbage cauliflower spicy food oily foods processed foods junk food and packed foods it will help take care everything will be fine stay positive
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Question: My TSH level is 11. What does it means and what shall i do
Answer: Hi,your TSH is high you should consult byoue Dr for the medication.it also depends whether you will need meds.in other levels lime T3 and t 4 You should however consult byoue Dr for this
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Question: My TSH level increased to 4.57 in my 3rd trimester. Does this cause any health issues?
Answer: TSH levels during third trimester should be 0.3-3.0 and your levels are on higher side. Consult your doctor and get treated to prevent further complications.
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