22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Suggest any app which detect my baby's heartbeat

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Answer: Hi dear unfortunately there is no such app which can detect your baby's Heartbeat but the Stethoscope or monitor can definitely help you .. Hope this helps!
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Question: From which week baby's heartbeat appears??
Answer: Hi. Although heart beat starts fromm 22 nd day after concievibg but it can be noticed in usg aroud 5- 7 weeks as in starting its too subtle. In some cases heart beat os also noticed around 9 weekz. Good luck gake care.
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Question: How to detect baby's heartbeat at early pregnancy at home
Answer: Hllo dear u r 5 weeks pregnant dear u can not detect heartbeat of baby in home .Dear generally heart beat comes in 7 or 8 weeks of pregnancy. Consult to ur gyno she 'll suggest u scan by that u 'll know that babies heart beat has comes or not .Consult to ur gyno .
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Question: Which is the exct weak to detect the heartbeat of d baby..
Answer: Hii normally the baby heart beat starts at 8bweek but it can start at y and came come max till 10 week of pregnancy. I sincerely hope it helps. All the best.
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