Few days old baby

Question: Sufering from constipation. Plz suggest some remedies

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Answer: Eating plenty of greens helps ease bowel movement dear... also including foods like oats, museli, wheat, cabbage and other foods rich in fibre content will help reduce constipation during pregnancy...and you can also take isabgol if the constipation and pain is too much..
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Question: 3month baby suffering from constipation.. Pls suggest some home remedies
Answer: Hi dear apply some warm coconut oil on baby stomach and massage clock wise and anti clock wise
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Question: Suffering from constipation. Anyone please suggest some natural remedies
Answer: Hello This is a very common problem all pregnant women go to through this the main reason for the constipation is due to harmone over load especially the harmone progesterone wch relaxes all the muscles in the body wch means the food will move slow in the intestine. Iron supplements are also a cause for constipation. Include ghee in ur diet it is known to relieve constipation keep ur self hydrated drink warm beverages. include high fiber food like vegetables fruits lentils etc wch will help you in combating constipation. Hope I helped .
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Question: I an suffering from constipation plz suggest some remedies
Answer: Hello dear. One of the main reasons for constipation during pregnancy is an increase in the hormone progesterone. Here are a few foods that might help fight constipation : Lemon Oranges Flaxseed Kiwifruit Apple juice Grapes Banana Green tea. Hope this information was helpful.
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