16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Suddenly I feel some wheight in Tummy and some white is seen is it normal

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Question: My lower back and tummy is paining and some white substance is discharged . Is it normal
Answer: hi this indicates that you are getting ready for the labour white discharge is a mucus plug release which indicates in the body is getting ready for deliver this is a healthy sign and nothing to worry for lower back pain you can do hot water compressor which will help to give you some relief
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Question: Hii actually i have seen white discharge and it seems on my pantee. It is normal or having some problem
Answer: Hi, vaginal discharge white in colour is generally normal during pregnancy. if you experience any abnormal colour discharge or itchiness or severe pain , then consult a doctor.
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Question: Im 7month pregnant n feel some wetness in vagina and light white discharge,is it normal??
Answer: Hi dr, White discharge is common during pregnancy, nothing to fear.. Eat well and stay healthy.. Visit your doctor too All the best
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