37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Stomach full ofstretch mark and dark brown colour what is the solution?

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Answer: Keep applying any oil. And don't scratch with nails.
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Question: What is the meaning of a dark brown colour line appears on mother's belly during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi,Dear This line become more darken during pregnancy time . It looks brownish in colour and runs from your navel to pubic bone. All women have this straight line in their stomach before pregnancy and during pregnancy this line become dark. Linea Nigra changes its colour due to hormones.Its completely due hormonal changes in our body during pregnancy, all the best take care.
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Question: What is the reason for brown and dark discharge?
Answer: Hello! brown and dark reason, could be implantation bleeding if you are planning for pregnancy. However, it is important that you consult the doctor for further guidance. Take care
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Question: Y the baby skin tone change in dark brown colour
Answer: As the baby grows the baby will change it's color for the next 6 months after that what ever for is there that would be the perfect color of the baby
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