24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Stomach burning zyada ho raha hai mujhe m 6mnth prgnt wat to do??

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Answer: Hi.. Dear acidity is a common problem in pregnancy due to hormone changes. You can get rid of acidity by drinking lots of water. You can soak the cumin powder in water over night, drink it in the morning, on empty stomach. It helps a lot to reduce acidity. Cold milk also helps. Avoid spicy food and food stuff that is hard to digest. Eat in small portions at regular intervals. Avoid late night eating. Do not consume any tablet on regular basis, without consulting your gynaecologist..
Answer: Drink chilled milk
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    Heena Tasneem834 days ago

    Not nly tdy but al d day its hpng

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    Miss Calling833 days ago

    Yes, it's normal. Qki aisa kehte hain ke baby ke hair grow krte hain toh jalan hoti hai. After 5th month baby ke hair aane lgte hain toh yeh acidity bdh jati hai. Agr doctor ke paas jaoge toh wo bahut faltu medicine likh dete hain. Yeh simple and easy way hai.

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Question: Hello!i m getting burning sensation on my stomach and itching also wat to do
Answer: Hi dear, due to increasing hormonal level it happens. Keep drinking water to stay hydrated always. If skin is hydrated enough then you will have less itching. You can apply aloe Vera gel or moisturiser, it can soothe the skin. But don't apply anything on belly.During pregnancy body changes a lot. Due to hormonal changes and increased level of pregnancy hormones ,the valve which separates oesophagus from stomach also relaxes and gastric acid enters into oesophagus causing burning sensation. It Is normal. So you have to take precaution for that. Eat small quantity at a time and eat every one or two hours. Avoid oily and spicy food. Do not go to bed immediately after having food, sit or stay upright already after one of having meal. You can chew sugar less chewing gum or releases saliva which can prevent acidity. A glass of cold milk can give you some relief. Drink a lot of water. Hope this helps.
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Question: I m feeling burning sensation near vagina wat to do
Answer: Hi dear,I think it's due to urine infection-and for urine infection u should try these-...drink plenty water,...increase vitamin c intake ..drink green tea.,if ur infection is serious then immidiately talk to urdoctor coz serious infection is harmfulfor baby
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Question: Precautions use karke sex kar sakte haina m 6mnth prgnt
Answer: Hi if you don't have any medical health issues or pregnancy related issues then yes you can have. But still, it's always better to be on safe side by avoiding sex. If you still want to do, then first take doctor's suggestion before doing it. Tc
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