39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Still i didnt get any pain

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Answer: Hi dear please don't worry since you are 39 weeks of pregnancy now there is still on a week's time for you to get the pain and I have heard that walking more and stimulating nipple helps in triggering labour so you can try that also it is absolutely safe and very effective.. All the best!
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Question: Hi.. anyone there?? I need labour pain to come . Because still i didnt get any pain . Any tips are there ?
Answer: Be active as much as possible also have 1 to 10 Almonds and dates with lukewarm milk help in getting cervix dilated that you walk and continue with exercises that you are doing
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Question: February 4th s my due. Still i didnt get any pain... Wat to do...???
Answer: Do scan and check the position of the baby from your cervix....if the head started coming down atleast to some extent you can wait...if not no injection will induce pains...the task of head coming down is not a single day process...it LL take 15 to 20 days once it starts coming down. If it doesn't come down a bit also after your due date....it's risky to wait for 15 days more from due date as baby weight will drastically increase which may lead to c-section anyway...
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Question: Still how many days i should wait for delivery still now i didnt get any pain
Answer: Hi dear, I can understand your impatience.to get natural labor pain ,you have no other option but to wait. Some of the early signs of labor are: 1- pinkish or reddish mucous discharge 2- dull back or abdomen ache 3-water leak 4-urge to empty bowels 5- strong and regular and continuous contractions 6- baby drops If post 40 weeks ,no pain starts,you might need to be induced.
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