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Question: Stem cell banking is useful??

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Question: Is stem cell banking is compulsory to do?? And how it is useful in future?? What are the companies doing stem cell banking??
Answer: Hii It's not compulsory to those parents who is not afford but should be compulsory to every parents that can afford. Stem cell banking is future of life saving from so many mishappening like trauma, DM, Organ transplantation, lukemia, osteoporosis and many more. It's product is also useful in siblings. Stem cells are plenty in no.cord blood and tissue so success rate is very high. It is very easily store after collection of umbilical cord tissue and cord blood at time of delivery by Expert. Other then cord blood and tissue stem cell collection is very expansive from bone marrow and success rate is very less. There are many more company in this field so study their terms and conditions before process and select which is better for you. So I personally suggest every parents please secure your baby future by small step like insurance. Hope it's helpful. Take care.
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Question: what is stem cell banking?
Answer: An amniotic stem cell bank is a facility that storesstem cells derived from amniotic fluid for future use.Stem cell samples in private (or family) banks are stored specifically for use by the individual person from whom such cells have been collected and thebanking costs are paid by such person.
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Question: is stem cell banking good
Answer: Yes it is beneficial in future to treat any bone blood brain liver and kidney diseases
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