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Question: South indian diet chat

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Answer: Hello dear... During pregnancy your diet should contain all nutrients that needed for your baby's development,hope this chart may help... After wake-up milk Breakfast Idly Dhosai Aloo paratha Sevai Veg Poha For sabji use lot of vegetables Prefer veg chutney You can also have sathu mavu porridge Mid morning a bowl of fruits or ABC juice Lunch Roti Rice Sambar Rasam Buttermilk Two veg poriyal include chicken,meat,ess,fish weekly twice Evening snacks Dry fruits,milk, makhana,sundal Dinner Chappati Idly Idyappam Prefer steamed items before bed warm milk
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    Pratima Angadi725 days ago

    But now in the days i dnt like milk.

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Question: Diet chart south Indian food
Answer: Hi dear, here I am providing you some food items for breakfast lunch and dinner which you can choose as per your convenience. For breakfast you can have Idli and peanut chutney, Suji Upma aur oats upma and the glass of juice, aloo masala and puri, idiyappam and black idiyappam and black pea curry chickpea curry, Appam and vegetable stew etc. Mid day the snacks you can eat any kind of a fruits like a pomegranate Orange Apple guava etc. For lunch you can have rice Rasam vegetable curry, rice sambar cabbage poriyal, spinach rice paneer, etc. In evening snacks you can eat buttermilk, mango milkshake etc. Aaj dinner you can repeat items from your breakfast and lunch options. Hop it helps.
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Question: South Indian diet
Answer: Hello dear. Foods such as lentils, beans, cheese, milk, tofu, and nuts are a rich source of protein. Switch to multigrain chapatti, wheat bread and brown rice. ... Make it a point to eat vegetables with little or no oil to avoid excessive weight gain. Eat well balanced diet and take good rest. Take care.
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Question: South indian diet
Answer: Hi Dear! Unfortunately i do not belong to South India but as far as my knowledge goes thr is nothing special that you need to include but have all normal, fresh, less spicy food, avoid pineapple and raw papaya, other than that hv everything. Hope this helps!
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