39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Sompu kasayam kudikalama pain varuma

1 Answers
Answer: Kudikilam sutu valina pain kami aydum..delivery pain na athigamaidum
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Question: Does labour pain feels like gastric pain .
Answer: No dear gastric pain is upper abdominal pain , if it labour pain it will be lower abdomen.if you have any severe back pain, abdominal tighetening and water leakage from vagina, blood discharge from vagina take it as symptoms of labour.if you have any one of these please visit doctor as early as possible.
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Question: Suggestions for back pain and shoulder pain
Answer: Dear for back pain do mild warm compress on your back frequently and regulaly that will give u relief and on shoulder get some mild warm oil massage that will help you.. make sure not to massage your back it's not safe in pregnancy..
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Question: Is pain like periods is labor pain ?
Answer: Dear it can be starting of your labor, keep observing, if the intensity of pain will increase with the passage of time then yes it is actually labor.. keep walking ,
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