28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Sometimes while sleeping my heart beat wil be so fast is it normal

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Answer: Its normal bcool all the time
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Question: sometimes my heart start beating fast!why it is so??and I can feel double heart beat
Answer: hello dear The extra blood results in a heart rate that's about 25 percent faster than usual. A faster heart rate can result in occasional heart palpitations. These feel like your heart is fluttering or beating extremely fast. Heart palpitations can be normal and nonharmful during pregnancy
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Question: Hi...suddenly sometimes day or at sleeping time my heart beat fast for 5 sec.i am very worried.what to do. Is it normal in pregnancy??
Answer: It's happens with me also and there is no need to worry dear..our heart works faster to supply blood to the baby. That's the reason sometimes it feels like that..
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Question: WhY is there heart beat running fast? Is it normal?
Answer: Hii dear it is totally normal in pregnancy.... aap jayada se jayada water lo..
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