5 months old baby

Question: Sometimes water comes out from my baby's left eye .Is it normal or should i visit the doctor?

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Answer: Hey dear if it happens sometimes then dont worry just press babys eye from both end softly regularly and frequently that will help.
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Question: My lo is 2 months old and lil water comes out from her left eye. What could be the reason and what should I do to cure it? Should I visit the doctor?
Answer: ap os ki left eye ku jha py ankh khtm hoti hy waha thora oper nose ku pres kry hr thori dair bad belkul thkh hu jy gi
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Question: From my baby's right eye water is coming out sometimes what to do
Answer: Hi dear its just a tearduct. Dont wory .. carefully clean  the eyelids using a warm, wet washcloth if tears  build up and leave crusts. you may try gently massaging the area 2 to 3 times a day. Using a clean  finger, rub the area from the inside corner of the eye toward the nose. This may help to open the tear duct😊
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Question: My baby is getting discharge from one eye..even water comes from the same eye..is it common or should I consult doctor..please suggest
Answer: It is not common.You have to consult him with a pediatrician as early as possible.It may be due to some dust particles or his eyelashes or sometimes due to his nails
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