1 months old baby

Question: Sometimes she cry too much while passing urine or doing potty and she's having gas problem too what to should i do❓

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Answer: put the paste of hing around the baby stomach..it will releive gas from his body..it helped me a lot
Answer: You can give gripe water to the baby for digestion and gas pblm.
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Question: My baby will have hard stomach and she is not doing potty for three to four days.. And sometimes she will cry alot... I am giving her gripe water... Pls suggest something.. And she will cry while passing gas also
Answer: Use Glycerin suppository- hallens. its common in infants... ask in medical shop for infants... they will explain how to use... after using in 5mins baby will pass stool...
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Question: My baby is passing to much gas bt nt doing potty hw can I help my baby to do potty.and after passing gas she cry alot
Answer: Breast fed babies almost never get constipated where as for formula fed babies usually face this problem. Do the bicycle legs. Take babies temperature. Massage her tummy. Place the baby on her back n rub with ur plam in clock wise motion. For a minute or 2. Give ur baby a warm bath the thing is the hot water will soothe ur baby. Getting him to relax so he can let go of everything he s holding. Never use a laxative as babies are too little they can get seriously dehydrated and lead to other complications.
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Question: Baby is doing potty a lot and in very small quantity sometimes while passing gas too.. wats d remedy
Answer: Hello! It is common in breastfed babies to pass stool quite often even while passing gas. There is nothing to worry. But if the baby is on formula milk then please consult the doctor once. Take care
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