2 months old baby

Question: Sometimes my baby sleep while feeding its difficult to make him burp at that time what to do??...

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Answer: Hello dear. Even if your baby is asleep, take her to shoulder , keep her in upright position at least for 20 minutes and keep Patting her back . Just avoid putting her down on bed just after feed. Hope this will help
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Question: My 17 days old baby doesnot burp at all..its so difficult...by the time she burps...her sleep gets disturbed...again wants to feed..and cycle goes on..what do i do...its very difficult to make her burp
Answer: Hi, dear some babies do burp late. My baby also used to take alot of time to burp and when we put her back to bed she spits all milk. So in this case its important to pat baby for atleast 30 minutes. 15 minutes upwards aDearnd 15 minutes downward baby will surely burp and also after burp dont put her down rather keep her in upwards position for sometime this will prevent vomit..
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Question: Hello everyone, if the baby gets sleep while feeding, do i need to burp him on that stage? Please help
Answer: Hello dear Yes, u have to burp ur baby even he went to sleep. Some babies don't burp like my nephew he never burped no matter how long you carry him on shoulder n I have seen many such babies too. But don't forget to burp after every feed. According to lactation consultant 20 min burp n 20 min feed is needed.
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Question: My baby sleep while feeding if I try to make him burp he awake and doesn't go to sleep. What should I do?
Answer: It's common to sleep while breastfeeding, but u just observe that is breastfeed sufficient to him in everytime
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