1 months old baby

Question: Sometimes my baby is burping while feeding.. So is there a need to burp her again

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Answer: Sometimes babies burp while feeding and If when your baby has burped already , there is no need for her to burp again .. but don't make her lie down immediately after feed . slowly rub her back and pat gently .. she may not burp again .. that's ok .
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Question: My baby cries while breastfeeding and spit up alot, sometimes forcefully. I burp her. While burping also she spit up and then cry. Wat to do. I burp her frequently.
Answer: I think the baby is not sleeping properly that is the problem baby should I sleep at least 2 to 3 years after feeding
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Question: Do we need to burp baby while burping??
Answer: Yes, you need to burp baby after feeding to release the gas which baby would have inhaled while feeding.
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Question: Sometimes my baby sleeping while feeding, at the time she is not burping. Is there any problem?
Answer: Hi Its common while feeding children will sleep when they had enough drink. No worries about it.
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