2 months old baby

Question: Sometimes my baby don't drink milk, but he sucks his hand continuesly. Is it ok ?

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Answer: Hello dear, 6 month k baby ko breastfeed k sath sath daal ka pani, dalia, khicdi, banana, chiku, khilaya ja sakta h
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Question: my baby does not drink my right side milk & also he sucks his fingers.what can I do??
Answer: Hi ma'am i would suggest you to keep trying from right side..it is important for baby to have milk from both sides..as it will affect you to...so keep trying. Sucking fingers can be due to itching in gums, you can try giving water teether to baby..it will help baby getting relief...
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Question: my baby is 2 month old,,he is always sucks his hand desperately what to do ?
Answer: Join now to personalize BabyCenter for your pregnancy Home  /  Baby Q&A  / Your Baby Q&A   How do I do stop my 3 month old from sucking her thumb? From what i am reading, it seems like such a hard habit to break and since she just started doing it, does anyone have any suggestions on how to end this habit b4 it starts? I try replacing her thumb with a pacifier and it works most of the time, but she gets frustrated when the binky falls out and her thumb is something she can get to on her own. My 8 yr old had a binky which she gave up easily at 8 months. I am worried that a thumb sucking habit will be much harder to break.  Monica_O Asked 9/23/07 Answer this question advertisement | page continues below Mom Answers (18) Best answers Most recent  BEST ANSWER  There are lots of tricks to use (bitter lotion, thumb guard) when your child becomes old enough that thumb-sucking is no longer appropriate. But it's a natural response for a baby this age.
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Question: My baby is 3months 5days old why he always sucks his hand
Answer: Your baby newly discover his hand is may be a reason or she/he may be hungry or whenever feels bored /scared they will start sucking give a small attention to them
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