6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Sometimes am having pain in my whole stomach and feeling vomitting. Sometimes am vomotting also. Is it any thing to scare of? When also can I have my usg to view my baby??

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Answer: Hello dear It is common with all the pregnant ladies to be nausiatic. During pregnancy, many women experience the bouts of nausea and vomiting known as morning sickness. Despite its name, morning sickness can occur at any time, day or night. Although unpleasant, morning sickness is considered a normal part of a healthy pregnancy. To overcome nausea try following tips: 1. Take lots of rest 2. Eat little but frequently 3. Eat lemons, ginger during pregnancy 4. Stay hydrated Ur first scan should be in between 10 weeks and 14 weeks but an early scan is also done at 6 weeks or 7 weeks, if u are experiencing pain or vaginal bleeding.
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    Sreeparna Ghosh839 days ago

    Thank u... Am suffering from Hb E disease also. Will it have any effect on my baby??

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Question: I hv pain in my whole body and have pain in stomach also. Kindly suggest any home remedy for stomach pain and and little bit cold also
Answer: Hello dear, It is very common to feel body aches in pregnancy. As your uterus expands, you may feel aches and pains in the back, abdomen, groin area, and thighs. Many women also have backaches and aching near the pelvic bone due to increased weight, and loosening joints. Here are some simple remedies that you can follow to prevent cramps. 1. Eat a healthy diet 2. A warm bath can relax you and remove pain in the calf area. 3. Do gentle exercise to help blood circulation. 4. Have your prenatal vitamins regularly. 5. Reduce the salt intake to prevent fluid retention in the body. 6. Stretch your calf muscle several times during the day to reduce cramps 7. You can massage the cramped muscles with ice or cold compress to reduce pain. 8. Have vitamin B supplements to reduce cramps.
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Question: Hi mam, I am having lot of vomitting. Not able to take any cooking smell nor able to cook. Also have stomach ache. Feeling uneasy.
Answer: Hello dear. Pregnant women are completely helpless if they experience smelling issues as nothing would be able to help in such scenario. My sister had it and she kept her away from kitchen but the smell she felt in the bedroom as well. This feeling reduced by the time she reached the end of first trimester and she felt better after this. Even the vomiting settle in 13weeks. You can try livking half lemon with black salt in it. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am having pain in left side of my stomach, had heavy vomitting and constipation issue. Please suggest what to do? Is it ok to have pain?
Answer: Hi as these symptoms are common during pregnancy and it is due to increased pressure of uterus on abdominal muscles and so the pain occurs and vomiting is caused due to hormonal changes. Maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated it will help. Take care
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