10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Someone said that if there is a good heartbeat for my child i should be able to feel a double pulse in my hand ? But i can feel only one , Is this true please help

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Answer: Dear that is myth so dont believe such fake news . Every child will have a good heartbeat. It can be heared only through ultra sound scan. You can feel your babies movement from 7 month
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Question: is that true if the child sleeping put his head one side then her neck will be that side only in future
Answer: Hi ma'am don't worry that is all myths...baby doesnt know all these things...so don't worry don't take stress.. Stay positive and think positive.. Take care.
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Question: In 8 week ultrasound if baby's heartbeat below 140 that should boy and if baby's heartbeat above 140 that should girl,is this true?
Answer: Yes dear I too have heard it but not sure about it. As it can be myth also because it is not true in every case. One of my friend believed in it but after delivery the case was different. So, never believe in such things.
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Question: Someone advised me not to wear a bra as constriction is not good for milk production later on.Is it true ? if not then how should one decide the size. How lose should it be. Also is epilation of bikini area safe? Now I have trouble bending down how do i maintain the hygiene if Im.not able to.look.down and epilate comfortably ?
Answer: Nothing as such. But of still in confusion then buy maternity bra bra which will be helpfull later . Buy bigger cup size as breast size increases one milk starts to form.
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