6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Some times some kind of cramps in my lower abdomen is that norma?

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Answer: cramps in your lower abdomen throughout your pregnancy is common .. make sure the cramps or not too painful or with bleeding .. it is quite normal and you need not worry about . you can take a warm bath before you sleep if you are unable to sleep with cramps at night . sometimes cramps may also be due to heat , include more water, greens tender coconut water watermelon to ur diet you can also keep few drops of castor oil on your belly button to get relief .
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Question: My lower abdomen cramps a little is that normal??
Answer: Hello dear. Some abdominal pain during pregnancy is normal: After all, your organs are constantly shifting, your uterus is expanding, and your ligaments are stretching. However if the pain is severe and unbearable, you'll have to contact your gynecologist immediately. Few of the remedies are : Sit down, put your feet up, and relax. Resting comfortably should relieve your symptoms. A hot water bottle or heating pad might help. Drink lots of liquids. When you do feel a pain, bend towards the pain to relieve it. Take care.
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Question: I am having cramps in lower abdomen at times and white discharges regularly is that okay?
Answer: Its normal dear.... Don't get worried.... Njoy ur pregnancy.... Pls mark helpful if you feel this as helpful
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Question: While standing some time l feels cramps in lower abdomen
Answer: Hi dear Abdominal pain during pregnancy can be a normal part of the process as your body changes to accommodate your growing baby. If it's unbearable then you should consult doctor .Take care
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