8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Some people says if we eat pomegranate the child wil look like brownish color is it true or wrong .what are the items to eat for having fairer skin

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Answer: hello dear, it is a complete meet then pomegranate juice leads to brownish colour baby. even pomegranate is rich source of iron and very good to take during pregnancy. dear there is no such magic which leads to fair skin or a fair baby. it's a genetical thing based on parents skin type. I just can suggest you one thing eat healthy drink healthy and keep yourself stress free it will leads to a healthy and happy baby. all the best.
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Question: Pls tell me. Some people says meats are not good for pregnant. Is it true?
Answer: Hi dear, Animal meat is protein rich and helps in baby growth.you can have lean meat like fish,chicken and eggs.goat meat occasionally is good too.please have in moderation along with fibres .it is safe and good during pregnancy.
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Question: Some people says if you take kesar during your pregnancy then your child will be fair in color..is it true..?
Answer: Its a myth but kesar does have anti inflammatory properties which is good for u and the baby.. Colour of skin is determined by genes. But u can take omega-3 capsules for healthy brain development of child and multivitamins with added DHA but do consult ur doctor first before taking any supplements.
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Question: People says first child delivery is some what late...is it true? or a myth!!
Answer: It is possible...not always though..the dilation of cervix,the effacement also is faster..so it is possible that the labour timing is reduced in the 2nd pregnancy
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