12 months old baby

Question: Some easy and nutrie Food chart for moms since no time to eat ...what fruits and veggies must taken to avoid back pain and to bone healthy ..

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Answer: Hi dear calcium is very important for bone health and there is no specific food which can be consume to avoid back pain back pain is a very normal issue post delivery because during pregnancy or body go through a lot of stretches and changes and for back pain you can only exercise and walk to strengthen your core until and unless your core is strong the backpain will remain same so I would suggest you to have all kinds of fruits and vegetables please burst out in sunlight because that way you can observe a lot of vitamin D that's the easiest way if it is possible for you continue to have calcium supplements you can also have a glass full of milk on a daily basis if there is no special condition in your health otherwise everything can be eaten in moderate quantity but being active is most important.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am 9weeks pregnent now ..... What type of food i must avoid and which food i can eat for my healthy baby?
Answer: Avoid eating oily n spicy food..eat lot of fruit s n vegetables..u may avoid pappya n pineapple..the food which produce heat to Ur body u can be avoided...go for mild walk in morning ...keep Ur mind n body happy
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Question: What and all food should be taken for healthy baby
Answer: Hello... Dear in first trimester, you should have nutrious diet, so follow these diet tips it might be helpful for you... Include folate rich whole grain,oats ,millet,green leafy vegetables, veggies and fruits will help lot in neural tube development Always have fruits after meal will increase stamina,thus prevent tiredness Have two glasses of milk daily,also include curd,paneer,tofu will increase calcium content,which is needed for bone development of fetus If you feel more nauseated or have too much vomitting,have breakfast within a hour of wakeup,add ginger,cumin to your diet will helps in preventing these issues,can also have cumin water will help a lot It is essential to drink three litres of water a day,also include soup, juices will help to prevent dehydration Include lean chicken,eggs and low mercury content fish,prefer home made foods rather than outside food, avoid papaya, grapes, pineapple
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Question: can i eat dry fruits. i'm 5 weeks pregnant my doc has told me to eat every thing healthy and avoid junk food &spicy food
Answer: yes you can have dry fruits.. its safe to have dry fruits in pregnancy.. Dried fruits and nuts, especially almonds, walnuts, pistachios, coconuts, and dates are rich sources of protein. Therefore, their consumption will be beneficial during pregnancy.
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Question: What food and fruits eat to baby for 12 month
Answer: Hi Mom, here are the diet chart for your baby, it has variety as well as nutrition you can keep on changing the menu matching the suggested food with each other and serve to your baby. As baby lose interest very easily so this chart will help you to give idea and weight gain would also happen. Early Morning BM/ Formula Breakfast Besan ka cheela Vegetable poha Egg sandwich Sweet potato kheer Suji Upma Ragi dosa Aloo parantha Mid Meal Baked Sweet Potato Fries Water melon scoops Potato wedges Cheeku pieces Banana slices Lunch Chhole rice Chapati with dal and cauliflower potato curry Curd rice with rasam Rice, dal and green beans Kadhi chawal Chicken soup with bread Rice with fish Afternoon Cheese pieces Banana smoothie Fruit yogurt Curd with banana French Toast Cheeku smothie Papaya milkshake Dinner Chapati with Okra(bhindi) curry Parantha with paneer bhurji Vegetable soup with jeera rice Rice with egg curry Paneer parantha Late night BM/ Formula
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