1 months old baby

Question: Sodium chloride nasal spray KARVOL CLEAR is dis spray is safe for 18days old baby can we use .actually i buyed frm medical store..

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Answer: No please do not use it. Instead go for a naso clear drop.. It's is normal saline. Hope this clarify your doubt
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Question: Am in my 16th week.. N sufferng frm sinusites problm.. Can i use otrivin nasal spray daily..is it safe?
Answer: Hi! Its better to avoid any kind of over the counter medicine during pregnancy. You can try few home remedies to treat sinus and if they do not work you can seek your Doctors advice but without consultation do not use any medication. 1)Increase your water intake 2)Have citrus juice 3)Run a humidifier if possible 4)Use steam to loosen the mucus 5)Gargle with salt in warm water 6)Take rest as much as possible. Good luck!
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Question: I am 15 weeks pregnant .may I know is safe to use nasal spray for blocked nose ..if so ,please suggest me few nasal spray brands to use
Answer: Hi, for using nasal spray plz ask your midwife, but for getting little relief just go for steaming and also while sleeping lift your head a little, you can have ginger tea by adding a bay leaf in it
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Question: How many times can i use nasal spray? He is sleeping calmly after using nasal spray for him
Answer: Hi desr one time dose work for almost 12 hours so avoid using it earlier than 12 hours as it will be overdose.
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