5 months old baby

Question: So i am a mother of 5 months old daughter. I got my menses immediately after delivery which lasted for 50 days but now i am not getting my periods every month i could only see spotting that is also for 2 or 3 days which is not continues. I am just so confused please help😒

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Answer: Hello, after delivery it takes at least one years time for you to have a regular periods so have patience.
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Question: Hiii.. I am planning since 6 months..but I Am not getting pregnant.. I hve irregular periods.. Means difference of 45 to 50 days every time
Answer: Hi, I would request you that first try to have a healthy balanced life. Take a nutritious diet, exercise regularly and take proper rest. Also start with folic acid. Now coming to conceiving, try to know the ovulation period. For this you get ovulation kit. Once you know the ovulation period, try to have sex daily or atleast once in every alternate days during the ovulation period . This will increase the chances of conceiving.
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Question: I always hav my periods for seven days now this month they hav only lasted for three months, am confused. Could it be because of the clomid i took last month?? Plz help
Answer: Hi dear, you meant this time you had periods for 3 days.clomid won't have any effect on the flow of periods.it would only stimulate ovulation.i am not sure if the shorter period ,are you on any other medications? Sometimes dose of antibiotics could also effect periods,stress or any change in lifestyle would impact the periods.wait for coming month period.
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Question: Before pregnancy every month I had so much of menses pain so after delivery while bleeding the same pain also will be continues or not..plz suggest
Answer: Hi dear, It is difficult to predict.but many a times women with painful periods prior to pregnancy have gotten releaved post delivery.you could be the lucky one too.
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