27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Sleeping pattern

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Answer: Sleep on side mostly try to to sleep on left side it's good
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Question: Feeding and sleeping pattern
Answer: Hi dear Newborns have issues with sleep..babies have tough time distinguishing day from night.as in womb they have hardly any idea about it.so slowly getting them to a routine would help them knowing the biological clock ,getting adjusted to it.donot let the baby sleep in mid feed.as babies often get up when their tummy is not full.also make sure the baby is not overfed,as that could.make them really uncomfortable.always burp your baby before putting to sleep.make baby in comfortable clothes and let there be proper air circulation of air in the room.over stimulus like too much light or sound could hamper their sleep duration.make the environment sleep friendly.some babies are also given warm bath so that they are relaxed...
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Question: When does baby sleeping pattern vil change
Answer: After 3 months baby’s sleep pattern will change.... Baby will sleep for long hours but follow the same bedtime routine.... Massage baby daily at ni8 then change her clothes n swaddle her n switch off the lights.... Make her understand difference between day n ni8... Hope it helps
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Question: What's the sleeping pattern for 5months baby?
Answer: Baby sleep well during night and during day baby sleep for about 3 to 4 times and take a nap for few time. But every baby is different so the sleeping pattern so some babies can sleep more. They need about 10 to 15 hours of sleep for 24 hours.
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