22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Sleep during day time is not good, is it true or false?

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Answer: Hello!! There is no problem in taking a nap of 30-60 minutes during the day. You can have it and it is absolutely fine. Take care
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    Anonymous231 days ago

    Thank u... 😊

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Question: Which time not good to sleep for 6th month baby?evening it is true????myth??
Answer: It's a myth baby will sleep whenever she feels sleepy .
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Question: Is the sleep during day time is good or bad during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi Dear! If you feel the need to sleep, pls sleep there is no good or bad in day time, its normal to feel tired and sleepy during pregnancy so it depends on your body , please listen to it sleeping in day time will not harm your baby in any way.. Good luck!
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Question: is it good to sleep at day time ??
Answer: There is no harm in sleeping during day. Your body needs rest as it's overworking..
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Question: During ninth month intercourse is helpful for normal delivery or not is this true or false plzzz answer
Answer: Hi dear yes it is true as it help in opening mouth, doctors also suggest it.
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