20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Sjogren syndrome pregnancy

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Answer: On which month we start cerelac
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Question: Gilbert syndrome how to affect the pregnancy
Answer: Don't worry. Gilbert syndrome happens because of slightly reduced level of a liver enzyme. It has no impact on the pregnancy usually Take plenty of fruits and be infections free. keep yourself hydrated. dont take unnecessary stress Take protein rich diet It may or may not transferred to baby After delivery do detail neonatal screening with guidance of neonatologist. You can meet to genetist to know the chances of transmission of such syndrome.
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Question: Down's syndrome test is necessary during pregnancy
Answer: Hi,Ys it is very imp na dear It us better to be careful and so it is advisable to do the test t know if there is any down syndrome
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Question: What is down syndrome test in pregnancy??
Answer: dual marker test is done during the 13 week of pregnancy to check whether the baby is having down syndrome or not. it requires recent ultrasound report.
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