6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Sir i am 2 months of but i did not hunger if i see the food i am irritating that pls sajested

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Answer: This is normal so nothing worry about this and Please have fruits...After 4 months you will eat food.
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Question: I am not feeling hunger pangs now even if I don't eat for the whole day
Answer: Hi dear, Yes if ur not getting proper nutrition whr vl baby get it from? Try having just small meals all through day that are rich in nutrients. Vegetables – All kinds of vegetables should figure in your daily diet. Fruits - plum,cherry, banana, apple, kiwi, custard apple , pear, peach. Dairy – Make milk and milk products list ke dahi. Protein – nuts, peas, and beans are rich sources of protein . Hydrate : intake of juices, buttermilk, coconut water are good source. Have plenty of water. Have Poha , Daliya, oats can be taken.
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Question: feeling like frequent hunger. is this symptom of labour... if I'm hunger, i am unable to see anything clearly blurry vision though i am having frequent food
Answer: frequent hunger is due to your baby has grown and you may have to feed more than earlier or you have to increase like every three hours you need to have something.. drink plenty of fluids.. blurry vision is also most common but i suggest you to take an advice from you doctor..
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Question: If my mc date done on the 2date but i did not see it then the report come in positive message ,how days of my pregnancy
Answer: You have to calculate from your last menstrual period date. Then you can get right information
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