34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Single cord around the fetal neck, is normal delivery possible?

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Answer: Absolutely dear with single loop you can have normal delivery without any doubt..
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Question: Single Cord loop around the neck...normal delivery possible?
Answer: Yes totally possible.if dere is one loop than its totally normal babies in womb fiddle n have it looped around neck it's very slimy n harmless . If it's more than 1 loop than poses danger
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Question: Single loop of cord structures is seen around the fetal neck at the moment is possible for normal delivery
Answer: Hi dear,Loops around baby's neck is very common and most of the time it is not harmful if the loop is not tight. But if there is any significant risk with it then definitely your doctor will let you know and in that case you have to opt for before time delivery.
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Question: Is it possible to have normal delivery with single cord around fetal neck ?
Answer: Hi dear, Yes ,it is definitely possible,depending on how tight is the cord.my friend who delivered normally with two loops of cord around her baby.it was a risk but doctor knew the cord is loosely surrounded and should.not be a problem.
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