Few weeks old baby

Question: Since when i can start using meternity belts for saggy tummy in case of normal delivery?

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Answer: hi if you have had a normal delivery , then you can use a big cotton cloth to tie up your Saggy tummy helding it up .. you can initially use cotton cloth for two weeks to tie up your saggy tummy .. if you are ok you can also sleep with your tummies is down on bed ... the gas inside the stomach must pass out . you can tie up with cloth initially for few weeks and then after one or two weeks you could replace it with Maternity belts. if you are comfortable you can also start using your Maternity belt right now .
Answer: In case of normal delivery u can start right from your child birth till 6 months ..
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Question: When can we start household activities in case of normal delivery
Answer: Taje your time new Mommy .its said it takes 3 months for you to heal and to do any sort of physical activities And 6 months completely for you to heal even inside And 1 year for you to regain that energy and activeness cause you have lost lot of things and hormonal balamces .to completely become you again. So take help of your momma or in laws regarding cooking and other activities and some time with baby others can hold when they are playing. And you take lot of rest. You gave birth to a new life. Your body has gone through lot of things during this time and still your body is lactating. So take your time.
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Question: After how many days can we start using tummy binder in case of c section delivery
Answer: Hello dear, you can start using the maternity belt once your c section wound has healed... Consult with the doctor regarding the kind of maternity belt you should use as it is important to get the right size...and also the right kind.. maternity belts help in keeping your core muscles in place and holding and strengthening the abdominal muscles in place if worn and used appropriately... Maternity belts also help in strengthening the back muscles... Please do wear the maternity belts as often as possible for it to be effective in reducing the tummy...
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Question: After delivery when can we start wearing postpregnancy belts in case of normal and c section?
Answer: Hi dear,it's advisable to waer it after 2 months of delivery..
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