1 months old baby

Question: Should I give my daughter water to drink for good digestion system? She is 38 days old. One doctor recommended to give water 2 ouch daily.

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Answer: Hello dear, if your baby is breastfeeding then there is no need of giving water to your one month old baby. but if you baby is formula feeding then you can give your baby 1-2 oz of water per day or as directed by your padeatric.
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    Mohmmad Shahriar603 days ago

    Thank you sister

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Question: Is it good to give wood ward gripe water daily is it good for digestion
Answer: nowadays Gripe water or bonison son is not given as it has no benefit. Nutritional aur health benefit. It is not needed for digestion the baby can digest breast milk or formula milk only the baby may have some gas for that you can massage the baby
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Question: Can I give jeera water to my one year old baby for good digestion. Daily How much quantity should I provide . Please suggest me
Answer: No. Only breastmilk. U can drink and feed ur baby so that the baby will get it from u. U can also have ginger juice for ur digestion and baby's digestion.
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Question: What should i give to my baby for good digestion because she eat and immediately poop
Answer: to improve digestion you can give banana apple rice curd. Also you can give your baby probiotics. That is what I always give my baby
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