14 months old baby

Question: She wakes up at every one hour at night

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Answer: Dear baby must be waking up frequently because of hunger. See breastmilk is very easily digested by baby and they get hungry frequently. So try to give a proper meal to baby before sleeping and also give formula milk or cow milk if you had introduced it to your baby because that way baby will be full tummy and can sleep for long stretch..
Answer: Hello... Dear usually babies till two years will have disturbed sleep, my son too has same problem, so follow these tips it might be helpful for you... Give early dinner,so that it will be easily digestable and promote good sleep Give shower before bed Change dim light in bedroom Feed milk after dinner will help in getting good sleep
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Question: My baby is not sleeping properly at night she wakes up at every 15 minutes why
Answer: Dear she is too small she will wake up as they also want sometime to adjust in our world as they r in womb the atmosphere is different in womb and outside or else just check why baby is crying might she is hungry or baby is having pee and potty.
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Question: My baby is 3 months 8 days old she wakes up after every hour at night i m v tired
Answer: I totally get it, my first baby was also like that for a long time. Please keep somebody to help you carry the baby while you take some rest. It will be slowly okay after 6 months
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Question: Baby wakes every hour at night
Answer: Your baby might be hungry, check any mosquito bites, feed your baby until the tummy fills at dinner time so that baby won't get frequently at late nights
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