36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Severe itçhing and rashes on legs buttocks area...itching is uncontrollable..doc has prescribed calamine lotion and avil tablet...but it works for sometime only again itching starts results in small bumps ...its increasing day by day...any solution

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Answer: hi dear! if you are using water spray after peeing then you should stop using as it will increase the risk of infection dear. also these tablets and the calamine lotion should work if it snot helping then the small bumps has to be seen dear. do do visit your doctor and finish the dose of avil tablet dear. and avoid wearing anything that is tight underneath dear. it will just cause more itching . try wearing loose clothing like pallazo or something like that . take care
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Question: Anybody has obstetrics cholestasis? I went through LFT test, alkaline phosphatase value is high, other than that report is normal, but I had severe itching all over body feet, palms, hands, legs, stomach, day and night. My doc suggested Udiliv 150 mg, derma due lotion, it gave me relief for 2-3 days, but now problem started again, I just want to escape from this world the itching is so severe. Please let me know how you managed your cholestasis problem?
Answer: Dear this is just due to increased hormones . That is why you are getting itching . You should take Medicine regularly. Along with this drink more milk dani lassi juice shake . Take more green vegetables ganne ka juice . This will take some time to normal .
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