7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Scanned on 7th week..but doctor again told to come on 8th week to know the baby heart beat ...is it good to go again and to take scan again..😢?

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Answer: Don't worry . Its normal to hear Baby heartbeat at 8 th week in ultrasound
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Question: During my TIFFA scan doctor said therebis a ectopic heart beat of the baby found. But when she scanned after 10 mins again the heart beat was normal for the baby. What does it mean is this effecta my pregnancy
Answer: Hi, It is best to consult your doctor. An irregular heartbeat or ectopic heart beat is not associated with any abnormalities in the way baby's heart is formed.It usually settles as pregnancy progresses though ocasionally may still persist until birth.Usually has no significance for baby in future life
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Question: Doctor told me to come on 31 Dec fr scan that time cn i c the baby heart beat
Answer: Dear ideally at 6 weeks the heartbeat arrives and become visible by 7 weeks scans. So yes by 31st the heartbeat should be visible in the scan by then. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am 7weeks pregnant and I went to scan on 6th week doctor told heart beat started but it is 124 .we can feel the heart beat
Answer: Hi You cant feel your baby heartbeat but you can feel your babys movement Heartbeat can only be heard with the help of Doppler device or during sonography post 6 weeks  Post 19 weeks you can even hear it with the help of stethoscope The heart beat can range form anywhere between 110-180 at various stages of pregnancy Take care of yourself and maintain a healthy diet .
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