28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Sapota is useful in pregnancy

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Answer: Hi supporter or Chiku is very nutritious and healthy during pregnancy not only for you but for the baby also so yes it is useful and safe to be consumed in pregnancy if you want you can definitely have them.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Is daliya useful in pregnancy? ?
Answer: Hi dear, Daliya or broken wheat is highly nutritious meal.it can be taken as breakfast too.its beneficial in controlling sugar as it is a form of complex carbohydrates.rich source of energy,and packed with vitamin B complex.it is fibrous too,as daliya is unpolished.have it as kheer,or khichidi.
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Question: Can i eat sapota in pregnancy
Answer: Please no. I was advicedbto eat sapota, pineapple and papaya post delivery to increase my bleeding so that uterus get clear naturally faster. So please don't. Also avoid raisins, munakka, figs, dates and dry dates for the same reason.
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Question: Is saffron useful in pregnancy
Answer: Hi Yes u can use but a little quantity as it produces more heat. Also u have to use it little quantity by mixing it in milk only one or two. It will help in purifying the blood. Whenever u are going to use it check the good quality saffron with help of gynocologist or any senior people at ur home.
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