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Question: Same blood group can make problem in conceiving baby

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Answer: Hi dear it is not like that. There is no such problem in getting pregnant if having a same blood group. So stay calm and do plan.
Answer: No bt depend upon blood grp positive + positive thank u
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Question: Mam,same blood group is a problem
Answer: Hi. No dear if you and your husband shares same blood group ut isnt a problem at all. Even its good. Its a bit problem when parents are of opposite rh. And speci4 when mother is rh(-). But if father nad mother both are rh(-) thats also not a problem. So dont worry.
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Question: Can same blood group B+ of husband wife can have problem in conceiving?
Answer: Hi. No dear. Its the best combination when husband and wife are from same blood group. If you are having problem in concieving meet your doctor for thorough check up.
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Question: Does Having same blood group causes problem in pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear....if u are O negative and ur husband is O positive then u may have problem in 2 nd pregnancy but not in 1st pregnancy.. If both are positive/negative then there won't be any problem in any pregnancy.... So having same blood group doesn't cause any problems... Only it depends on rh factor whether it is same in both or different u have to check as i told u in 1st 3 lines
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