28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Right from month 1 we dint have any intercourse still date.. but its said intercourse helps in normal delivery is it true? Should we have it i am 28 weeks

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Answer: It is true. My doctor and my mom suggested also. It was difficult for me as I didn't do it. It will help u
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Question: Sex between wife & husband during pregnancy in any of the month helps to have normal delivery is it true..? If yes in which way it helps..?
Answer: Hi dear,yes its true..actually semen can soften ur cervix,it also can induce a labour as it is soften d cervix..which is helpful for d normal delivery...
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Question: Is that true we should have intercourse during pregnancy for normal delivery??? If that so from which month should we
Answer: Hello dear It is not advisable to have sex in first 3 months of pregnancy as fetus is Taking growth during this time. So, it can be harmful for the fetus. After completion of 3 months, u can have sex from 4 to 7 months. If ur pregnancy is going smooth and u have no medical complications then doing sex in last trimester is totally safe. Last month sex can help u in open ur cervix.
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Question: Some elders said having sex in 9th month helps for normal delivery is it true
Answer: Hi dear. yes dear it can help in starting labour but it do it only if your body have enough strength to do it . Sperms contain natural prostaglandins that release Oxytocin to soften the cervix ,it result in dilation of cervix . So yes it can help in labour but please make sure that it should not be suppressed while doing it .
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