34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Reasons behind the urge of frequent urination

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Answer: Baby's pressure directly on uterus and pelvic areas.. its very normal.. keep your self hydrated by drinking water and soups. Buttermilk is also good.
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Question: Why feeling so frequent urge of urination?
Answer: Hello dear. The extra blood flow, makes your kidney produce more urine. Other reason might be due to the pressure on the  bladder, from the growing uterus. Take care.
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Question: Frequent urination is the sign of labour?
Answer: Hello dear. No it is a sign of growing pregnancy. Ur fully grown baby and expanded uterus puts pressure on the bladdet and hence you are not able to control the urine. Hope it helps.
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Question: Reason of frequent urination
Answer: Its common in pregnancy Increasing size of uterus creating pressure in urinary bladder.and 1 more reason is Urine infection
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