35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Reason of high AFI ....it is currently 17

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Question: My afi is 22 in 38 weeks of pregnancy.. Is there any risk of high afi
Answer: Hi When you have an amniotic fluid index of twenty to twenty-four, then you have a high level of amniotic fluid or polyhydramnios. It generally happens if the mother is diabetic or if the child swallows insufficient level of amniotic fluid.Here are some tips on how to reduce amniotic fluid during pregnancy.Treatment of the underlying disease: Sometimes the reasons for the increased level of amniotic fluid can be a disease which you have. So, treatment of the disease will help in lowering the level of amniotic fluid. AAmneocentisishis is a process which drains out the excess amniotic fluid in our body. This method is used only in critical times since this process might cause preterm labour and delivery.The doctor may put you on indomethacin. It helps in reducing the level of amniotic fluid. This oral medication is generally prescribed before 31 weeks before delivery.The level of amniotic fluid can also be brought down by delivering the baby. When the water breaks the amniotic fluid is flushed out
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Question: My scanning report showing:- Liquor- AFI 17-19 cm increased polyhydramnios Doctor said fluid is high. What is it mean?
Answer: Hi. It means water around baby is More than required. It should be undee 20 cm as you have 17-19 cm its on higher side. But dont worry your doctor would give you .medicine to control.it.
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Question: My afi is 17..is it normal
Answer: Hi. Since you are in 40 weeks its fine. Normal afi ranges from 8- 20 cm. So dont worry as its in range. Good luck.
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