7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Puss cell is 75-80 hpf ...pls suggest

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Answer: U are suffering from urine infection consult to ur gynecologist she will suggest u medicine to cure it... Its very high if it will not be treated then it may harm ur kidney kindly consult with your doctor immediately
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    Anonymous644 days ago


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Question: My puss cells is 80-100 how does it happen?
Answer: You have urine infection in last to last year my puss cells also increase s to 80 to 100 drink more water and also take liquid
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Question: urine test shows , puss cell 4-6 epithelial cells 6-8 rbc 1-2
Answer: Dear dont worry its slight urine infctn...bt you dont worry ...you have to drink plenty of water..if you have no diabetes drink orange juice.....maintain good hygiene
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Question: am 22 weeks pregnant now my pus cell result is 8-10/HPF ,and Bacteria in urine examination I'm worried pls suggest
Answer: Don't worry, drink water in a day minimum 12-14 glass... Automatically ur prblm will solve
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