8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Public hair removal during first trimester

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Answer: Hi friend know that you are pregnant so there is hormonal changes and your skin is very sensitive you should avoid chemicals on your skin and better use a razor it is safer. Take care
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Question: Can I use hair removal cream veet for removing public hair during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear its better to get waxing done instead of veet as it is not advisable and might cause itching or irritation.
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Question: Is it safe to use hair removal creams during first trimester?
Answer: Yes it is safe to use hair removal creams. Just do a patch test before using it. Also read the manufacturers instuctions carefully and check if it is suitable to use during pregnancy. Pregnancy time will make skin sensitive. So there are chances for irritation and swelling
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Question: Can I use veet for removal of my public hair
Answer: You can use but as you are 37 weeks pregnant you should not use it now.
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