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Question: Progressive and non progressive is 43 percentage is good for iui

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Question: What is the percentage is good for sperm mobility for iui
Answer: Being an Embryologist I have seen people conceiving through very low count and motility as well. After all only one sperm is needed. Be hopeful.
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Question: Please tell me progressive motility is 18 percentage and non progressive motility is 25 Percentage is good for iui please reply i am very tension my reports are all good plese tell me
Answer: hi dear1 progressive motility refers to the sperm that are moving in almost a straight line and non progressive motility refers to the sperm that can move but do not progress further or swim. so a progressive motility is needed for the sperm to swim their way up to fertilize the egg. so in the reports normally atleast 40% sperms should be motile which includes non progressive also. also 32% should be progressive dear. it can be a problem dear. but its not that you give up there are other methods like ivf dear. if you have tried for iui from a long time then you should go for ivf and not waste time dear. take care dear. i hope this was helpful to you!
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Question: My age is 21 years my sperm count is 25million /ml motility is progressive is 18 percentage and non progressive is 25 percentage doctor suggest iui treatment is good for me tubes are good no pcod
Answer: cephalic presentation or headpresentation or head-first presentationis a situation at childbirth where the fetus is in a longitudinal lie and the head enters the pelvis first.
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