11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Previously i had breast tenderness but now it has gone . I am 9 week pregnant

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Answer: it is normal that you have tender breasts in pregnancy..its a big sign that you are pregnant.. Its normal that its gone now..one of the sign of being pregnant is breast tenderness..so u dont have to worry
Answer: Hi Nothing to worry.It's hormonal process in early pregnancy.Eat fresh vegetables and fruits especially.have 5 different fruits a day.Drink water.stay hydrated.do walking.
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Question: I had breast tenderness. But today its gone why? Is there any y problem
Answer: Hi dear... There is no problem in that.. Since you have come to an end of the first trimester this happens... Slowly the symptoms start going away.. There is nothing to worry... It is absolutely normal dear.. Take care
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Question: Hi I am 15 th week of pregnant my breast tenderness has gone is anything to worry
Answer: Hi dear.. Usually in your second trimester the pregnancy symptoms will vanish.. Nothing to worry
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Question: I am 8 week pregnant. Breast tenderness has gone now. Tiredness has reduced. But still feeling a bit nauseous. Should I be worried?
Answer: Hello dear Nausea is common throughout the pregnancy nothing to worry. Don't think about all those,if you divert your mind nothing happens to you get plenty of fresh air,distract yourself by listen to music or watch a film,take sips of a cold drink some people find fizzy drinks best,drink ginger or peppermint tea,eat foods containing ginger such as ginger biscuits,eat smaller, more frequent meals these simple tips will help you to think about nausea and feeling sick
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