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Question: Pregnancy is confirmed done beta HCG reading 87 on 28th day of cycle I have planned journey decided long ago How can I assure safety while traveling so to avoid any chance of miscarriage or is there any chance of miscarriage in plane traveling of 1- 1 1/2 hr??

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Answer: hello dear, though the early weeks of pregnancy is little risky but you can travel by air for one half hour. But before travelling you should consult your doctor for all the safety measures. all the best.
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Question: Hello Mam,, This is sudhanya,, After 3 1/2 yrs of marriage life i got pregnant first time in this cycle through IUI.. This is 4th time of IUI,, In 29th day of my period cycle i got mild positive line,, endrometrium lining 15.6,,so my dr said to give beta hcg, in that my value is 123,,N hospital they said positive,, They have given pd injection but after two days in my 32day i got light red bleeding so i informed dr so they given me pd and NMP injection,, In vaginal scan they said 13.8 thickened and echogenic,, sac is formed.Again i gave beta hcg test for double doubling but my value is only 224,dr said value has been increased but double doubling means it should be around 400 to 500 ,,So again Monday dr said to give beta hcg,, In that value is OK means no problem otherwise need to put hcg injection weekly twice for support to avoid miscarriage. My doubt is whether is there any side effects of putting hcg injection weekly twice for me and to my baby,, Till how many days i need to take hcg injection.. In 32day i got light red bleeding knw is it normal or having any problem in my case,, it won't affect my baby's growth knw!? After injection of pd and NMP bleeding stopped Dr told me take full bed rest.. Clarify my doubts Mam
Answer: Hi dear. first of all these HCG injections will not harm you and your baby in any way in fact it will support your pregnancy and will you protect yourself from any problem. and that little bit of a blood spotting is totally normal during first trimester of pregnancy,it happens when egg implant itself in the uterus and the leftover blood of uterus is being expelled out of a so just don't take any tension and follow your doctor
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Question: Hi mam Iam planning to concieve my lmp was oct 28th , mine is 29 days cycle and we have done intercourse on near ovulation days in alternate days. Iam having amh value of 1.59ng/ml and my doctor gave me DHEA, co Q enzyme tablets for two months and told me to do exercise and reduce weight. How long should i take these tablet mam. Is there any chance to concieve naturally mam..plzzzz reply
Answer: If you follow proper diet and remove the stress... Then all will happen ... Don't think of that often and get tensed ... it will happen ... All the best
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Question: Hi. My lmp was on 7th oc. Till today I didn't get the period. I have done the beta hcg test after 9 days of missed period. But it was negative. Usually my period cycle is of 30 to 32 days. 1 week before I had urine infection also. I have taken treatment for that. My conern is my period is delayed by 53 days. Is there any chance of pregnancy?
Answer: Check by using upt kit it's easy and give results immediately
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