33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Posterior dipping in LUS head has crossed the LPM.grade II means?

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Question: My placenta is posterior dipping in lus head has crossed the lpm grade2 in ,today scan means what i wana know about it is it normal
Answer: hi dear! the placenta is low lying dear. its not dangerous but you need to keep a watch on it . as there is a possibility that you can have a c section but we will have to wait and see . dont stress dear . take care dear.
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Question: Placenta posterior means?? And dipping into os means??
Answer: Placenta posterior means it is on the back part of the uterus towards your back and dipping into is means that it is partially obstructing the oath through which the baby is supposed to come out.
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Question: Im 36 weeks pregnant my scan report shows single viable fetus anterior position dipping in lus and head has crossed lpm edd 29.4.2019 aminiotic fluid 15.3 cms cephalic presentation grade3 gestational age36 weeks weight 2761 grms what does it mean??
Answer: Its normal. Take walk daily you will have normal delivery
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