33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Position of baby

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Answer: Hi dear in 34th to 36th week ur baBy can go to cephalic position ad that is it correct and natural position of baby in which baby head will be down and legs up. U will get to know about baby position in ur ultrasound.
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Question: Will the position of thr baby change from breech position to head down position during the remaining months of pregnancy??
Answer: Hi Don't worry as you are in your 29 th week chances are your baby would change position Go for walks ,do squats under supervision Ask your gynaecologist for exercise that can help baby change position Sit on birthing ball as often as you can and rotate your hips clockwise and anticlockwise to open up pelvic space Dont stress and work towards it
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Question: Breech position of a baby
Answer: Hi dear sont worry as in 28th week baby don't fix their head and keeps on floating all around. U can wait till 33 week for analysis the baby position and if baby will ve in breech after this week then it will led to c sec.
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Question: What is cephalic position? Position of baby will it change......
Answer: Cephalic position is head down position which is a good position for normal delivery. It won't change after 9th month. Don't worry
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