9 months old baby

Question: Plz tell me home remedy for kafa 10mnth old baby

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Answer: Hi dear, You can try this for cough.... You can roast ajwain on d tava. Put it in a cloth and give ur lo the sake on d chest, back, palms, feet. U can also keep it near the nose so that ur baby can smell it. Its very effective in d treatment of cold....Boiling garlic cloves in mustard oil and applying it externally on chest and head of baby also helps.... kept vaporizer on in the room with tulsi leaves where she sleeps , so that the moisture helps her to breathe and soften her congested nose.... You can give honey. It will help to remove cough. 2-3 drops of saline nasal solution were instilled to her twice a day. She was breastfed on demand, wasn’t even accepting cooled boiled water.... While sleeping , her head was kept raised with the help of pillows so that she could breathe easily.... Water boiled with ajwain can also be given.Warm drinkable boiled water was given to her to loosen the phlegm thereby reducing chest congestion.
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Question: Plz tell me home remedy for cough. My baby is 3 yr old
Answer: Hii use humidifer at home to.keep congestion free. Give baby tomato soup, besan sheera, oats, khichdi, dalia as meal. Massage baby with mustard infused with garlic and ajwain. This will make baby warm and losen the mucus, u can warm few peeled garlic and tie it in potli with ajwqin. Massage baby chest with it. Make sure potli temp. Is warm and berable. U can apply babyrub vicks in baby sole chest and back while sleeping. Give jayfal one pinch mixed in one spoon of milk to baby.u can also use saline drop for loosening  the clogged nose.mucus  And use buld syreinge to take out mucus as baby cant blow it. Do warm the washroom by opening the shower for 10 mins. And then took ur baby inside washroom in that vapour.this will losen babies mucus.baby will takenout these mucus through potty so dont get worried if babies potty will.be green in color.  Let baby take more rest.
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Question: Plz tell me home remedy for constipation
Answer: Hi dear Ur baby is old enough to have semisolid foods. Constipation is common in new borns till 2 years.u can try these remedies.. 1. soak raisins in water overnight Nashik and filter the water and give it to your baby 2. you can increase more number of fluids and fruit juices in her diet. 3. you can give her foods rich in fibre such as boiled and mashed potato peas 4. you can also add ragi in ur babies diet
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Question: Plz tell me home remedy of cold (nose blockage) for one month old baby.
Answer: U can get pediatric saline nasal drops from medical shop.
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