31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Plz tell me baby heart rate decides baby gender its right r wrong

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Answer: Hi dear, It is absolutely a myth.kindly donot beleive in such superstition.
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    Sowji Anvi610 days ago

    K thanq

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Question: Heart beat rate of the baby decides the gender of the baby?
Answer: Hi There is no possibility for determining the sex based on heart rate but only some prediction s are available for that..but its may true or not.the prediction says the heart beat slower than 140 beats per minutes indicate malebaby,and faster heart beat indicates femalebaby..but its only confirmed by the ultrasound only at 18-22 pregnancy..
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Question: Is baby heart beat decides baby gender?
Answer: Hi dear, there is no such way by which you can know the gender of the baby. In fact, I am sure you would be more concerned about the growth and development of the baby rather than the gender. I'm sure you would welcome your little one whole heartedly what ever the gender is and it would be the love of your life. All the best.
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Question: Baby's heart rate.. shows gender its true or not plz do tell ..
Answer: Hi dear, its not true, we can't say baby's gender through heartbeat.
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