33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Plz reply fast I don't feel any movement of baby for mid night what should I do plz reply

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Answer: Babies won't be without making a move for more than 2 hours Check your baby movements by following these simple tips Lie down,have a snack,change position like sitting sleeping standing,have a cold fluid,give a sudden jerky movement,poke the baby,Rub your tummy,listen to good music,give a gentle massage to your stomach Hope this may useful to you ☺️
Answer: Eat any warm sweet item or drink warm sweet milk and sleep on left side
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Question: I don't feel any movement of baby what to do
Answer: Hi, Slight variation in baby movements during the day is normal as it depends on many factors like obesity, your movements,fetal position,fetal sleep,bright light, loud noise,strong smell etc. Till the time it is regular nothing to worry Incase of sudden fluctuations in movement it is best to consult your doctor. Try flashing a torch on your tummy or listening to music or even talking to your baby to encourage movement monitor the baby movements.Minimum requirement is of 10 kicks in 12 hours. In case of no improvement do consult your doctor immediately
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Question: I don't feel any baby movement... What to do
Answer: Please wait for some more weeks.. baby movements starts from 18-22 weeks..
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Question: I don't feel any movement of my baby for morning it's there any problems plz reply
Answer: Don't worry. Baby movements for some may or may not be felt at all times.
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