12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Please tell me the iron and calcium tablet name that i have to take in 3rd month

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Answer: Hello ma'am There are many brands of tablets , every doctor prescribes according to pregnant lady lab reports and all. So ma'am its my suggestion that plz ask your doctor to prescribe you the best brand tablets for you and your baby Take care
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    Neha Sharma932 days ago

    Can i take cipcal-500 for calcium and cofol-z for iron

Answer: You can take livogen as iron tablet n convicol d for calcium. Take iron in the morning and calcium in evening or vice versa.
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Question: Please suggest me the best tablet name for calcium and iron supplements..am in 12 weeks,
Answer: Hi Dear! Iron, calcium and vitamin is extremely important in pregnancy but the dosage and names will be prescribed by your Dr , hence pls talk to ur Dr. and start having them.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Could you please tell me the name of the calcium tablet that I should take during breastfeeding?
Answer: Hi as dont take any medicine without consulting doctor as some medicine are prohibited during breastfeeding so self medication is to be avoided so regarding medicine consult doctor once. Maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated and feed baby often it will help take care
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Question: Please tell at what time i shoud take iron and calcium tablet...
Answer: Hi dear, Iron and calcium medicines should have a gap of 6-8 hours.take calcium post breakfast while iron post dinner.else they could interfere in each others absorption.so never take them together.
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